Sing and Sign

Isabella and I started ‘Sing and Sign ‘ Classes in January of last year. Sing and Sign is a baby signing class that teaches babies to communicate using signs before they are able to talk. The classes seemed perfect as they combined the benefits of both music and baby signing. We thought it would be a good idea, as Isabella responds well to music and perhaps it would help Isabella in communicating with us. I advised the class teacher (Karen) that Isabella was behind her developmental milestones and we were waiting to be referred to a Pediatrician, she was fantastic. She didn’t want unnecessary attention drawn to Isabella, but she suggested that Isabella sat near to her, so she could show her the pictures up close to keep her engaged. Isabella loved her first class, although she fell asleep towards the end, as the excitement was all too much!

We still attend classes now 15 months later and still enjoy it! Isabella’s eyes light up when we arrive at the class and she sees Karen. Karen is happy, bubbly and engages with all the children and parents alike. The children all respond well to her and love nothing more than sitting on her lap when she is singing. The classes last an hour and have a set focus. Props and musical instruments are used and there is an opportunity for the children to play. The songs are great fun and catchy and they don’t get boring. Isabella knows all the songs, as we bought the CD’S and DVD. She kicks her legs with excitement and laughs when the songs are played.We play the songs in the car and they are a great distraction when Isabella is getting grumpy and restless. We sing them at home too and sometimes find ourselves singing them when Isabella is in bed!

Isabella isn’t able to sign herself, but she most definitely understands when we sign to her. Although she cannot sign herself I know the class works, as lots of her friends can sign and it’s amazing to see. A sign we usually see a lot in class is ‘Eat’. When Isabella has a snack her little friends come up to her and and sign ‘eat’!

I would recommend ‘Sing and Sign’ classes to any parent with a baby who wants them to communicate before they can speak. The classes are worth their weight in gold. I am looking forward to the day that Isabella may be able to sign, it may be a while yet, but she has recently mastered giving a ‘High -Five’ so anything is possible.

For more information on classes please visit


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