Salt Box Music

Isabella loves music and songs, although she cannot hold instruments herself she loves trying to make music and listening to the different sounds that instruments make. She cannot sit or walk but she loves being jigged around and dancing in our arms.  I asked Isabella’s Sing and Sign teacher if she could recommend any good music groups and she suggested Salt Box.On her recommendation we now attend Salt Box music group every Wednesday morning and Isabella and I love it.

 Salt Box Music Company was formed in 2000 and provides interactive, fun, hands on, imaginative educational music programmes for 0-13 year olds. Salt Box sessions include a wide range of techniques to develop core skills such as rhythm, tempo, pitch, texture, and dynamics, all delivered in a uniquely fun and imaginative way. They use a wide selection of instruments from every corner of the world, and where possible sourced through Fairtrade organisations.

Before starting the class I advised the music Teacher Michelle of Isabella’s condition and she was great. She made sure that the space next to her was free, so Isabella was close to her and could really engage in the class. She knew that Isabella couldn’t walk and get her own instruments, so she brought Isabella a selection and without drawing special attention to Isabella she really engaged with her making sure that Isabella could see all the props she was using up close.  I remember that first class, Isabella loved every minute, as did I. We both left the class extremely happy and very excited for the following week. Seeing Isabella so happy and laughing through enjoyment is such a great feeling.

The music teacher Michelle is fun, energetic and bubbly and makes the whole music experience throughly enjoyable. She always takes the time either at the start or the end of the class to see how we are doing. She relates to the children and parents alike.  The children in the class feel at ease with her, so much so her lap is never empty. There is always an excited little person bouncing up and down in her lap. Michelle makes the class visually exciting by using puppets, props and bubbles, all of which add to Isabella’s enjoyment. The classes are themed so each week there is a different focus, which use different props and music. There is music from around the world and fascinating instruments from around the world also. The music played and the songs sung are great and Michelle really brings the songs to life with her enthusium and different voices she uses. Isabella and the other children even get a sticker and a copy of one of the new songs we learnt to put in our Salt Box music folders.

 Going to the class is one of the highlights of our week and we come away smiling and happy and with new songs to teach Daddy.  The class also gives me plenty of ideas to recreate the fun back at home with Isabella in her play room.

If you have classes nearby I would recommend you sign up. The classes are worth every penny.


2 thoughts on “Salt Box Music

  1. It’s a pleasure to have you & Isabella at my class Tracey 🙂 You are so connected with each other, and the way that you engage Isabella with the various games, songs and activities is fab for me to see. I can provide the structure and opportunities for learning but you have to grab it and turn it into a fun shared experience – and you certainly do 🙂 Looking forward to seeing you both again soon. Michelle x

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