I came across Kindermusik whilst on holiday with my parents in Bahrain. I was conscious of making sure Isabella attended groups like she does back at home. I saw the group advertised in TimeOut Bahrain so decided to check it out.

I remember sitting there with my Mum and Isabella waiting for the class to start, not knowing what to expect, the second the class and the lively music started, I looked at Isabella and the huge smile on her face and knew I had made an excellent choice. The class involved everything that Isabella enjoys – music, dancing, singing and playing with instruments. Unlike some Music Classes where you remain seated for the session, we were encouraged to move around, holding and carrying our little ones in different positions to stimulate them. We also played with different instruments that we hadn’t seen before. The Teacher Natasha was lovely and engaged with every child. Each term has a theme and each week you sing new songs, do activities and play different instruments related to that theme. Our theme in Bahrain was ‘Busy Days’ and over the weeks we sang about shopping, going to the park and the Doctors. Needless to say we enjoyed the classes so much Natasha advised us of the classes available back in the UK. So when we got home we signed up.

We started classes in Abingdon and were not disappointed, the Class Teacher Sarah is wonderful with a real talent for singing and making you feel relaxed and happy. We loved our first class and couldn’t wait to go back the following week. Included in the class price is tea and coffee before and after the session. So whereas sometimes some groups finish and the next starts immediately, here there is a chance for the children and adults alike to get to know each other and have a well-earned break.

Kindermusik’s emphasis is about singing, dancing and giggling together. The classes are designed so children will learn and grow through activities that stimulate brain growth, build motor skills, enhance social-emotional development.  The Teachers (or Music Educators as they are known)seamlessly guide the class from one activity to the next and help you understand what your child is learning. They also show you how to continue the fun and the learning at home, as you buy a home pack with a CD, book and activity ideas.

I cannot recommend Kindermusik enough. They have classes nationwide and do a variety of classes from Newborns to 6 years of age. Both Natasha and Sarah were very understanding of Isabella’s needs, engaging with her and keeping her focused. Nothing in the classes needed adapting as they are perfect; They even give Isabella extra physio in the warm-up exercises!

So if you have the opportunity I recommend you go to a class and see for yourself I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

For more information on your nearest class visit:



4 thoughts on “Kindermusik

  1. Thank you Tracey & Isabella. I am so honored that you mentioned me in your blog and i am so happy to have you once again as part of my current group in Bahrain.Xoxo N

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