Isabella’s Family

 I am 33 years old and Mummy to my gorgeous little girl Isabella. I am now a Full-Time Carer for  Isabella. I love being at home with her and wouldn’t have it any other way. I am qualified teacher, but would much rather be at home helping and teaching my little girl than being at school teaching other people’s children. We are very fortunate, as I know not everyone who has a child with or without special needs has the luxury of staying at home with them. Our weekly schedule is full. We go swimming to our local pool everyday and on a Thursday we attend ‘Waterbabies’. We also go to Music Classes and Baby signing. We go for walks with our family dog Daisy. We also go to feed the ducks and go to the local park.  We visit the library weekly and choose new books to read at home. Amongst all of that we find the time to play at home in Isabella’s Play Room, where she has lots of sensory toys, musical instruments, puppets and books.




My name is Daisy and I am the family dog. I am a six year old English Pointer. I love my family very much and love going out for walks. I love Isabella very much, but sometimes she is not so sure of me as I am big and I like to give kisses, which she is not keen on. I am very good and I know that sometimes it gets hectic at home with lots of different people coming to visit, so like a good girl, I lay quietly in my bed. It’s okay because at night I usually get spolit with cuddles, if they are not too tired!







This is Paul – Isabella’s Daddy and my lovely husband. He is 33 years old and serves in The Armed Forces. He works 8 – 5 pm in the week and has weekends off. He is a very hands on Daddy and helps with Isabella wherever he can. He is fantastic with her and idolises her. The two are thick as thieves on a Saturday when I get my very welcomed lie in! He is very supportive of me and my role as a Full-Time Carer and Mummy.


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