Home from Home….

I am sitting here in the warmth of Bahrain and the warmth of my parent’s love. This is my second visit of the year, both Isabella and I are extremely lucky to be able to have breaks away like this in the sun. We are into our final week of a relaxing five week stay.

Now in my last post I talked about not having enough hours in the day and I was hoping to find time to catch up with my blog and photo books during this break away. If I am completely honest I haven’t achieved quite as much, as I had hoped. You no doubt will be aware of this due to the lack of new posts! That said I have relaxed and have had a real rest.

I have been banned from the kitchen and any type of house work. My Mum is a proper Mum. She loves looking after people and I for one am not going to argue with that. From the minute Isabella and I wake up she is constantly on the go running around after us. Now don’t get me wrong, I tell her that I don’t mind helping out, but I get stopped in my tracks and told I am here to have a break. She knows Isabella is my number one priority and says that by her doing all the mundane jobs like cooking and cleaning, it gives me a break and prime time with Isabella.

She also takes Isabella out for walks and plays with her so I can take so I can take some time out. This means I can have a long shower, rather than a quick rinse, I can look through the cupboard and decide what to wear rather than raking through my floordrobe and it means I have been able to go the gym. The gym may seem an odd way to take time out for some of you, but now I do really enjoy it. I lose myself in the music and my real motivation is Isabella. You see the older Isabella gets, the heavier she gets and I want to be able to continue to lift her with ease, without any need for lifts and hoists in the mean time.

My parents live in a ten story apartment block and Isabella and I have our own en-suite room. This is perfect, as it means we all have own privacy and there isn’t a queue for the toilet or shower in the morning. It also contains the mess, as we tend to play with a lot of toys throughout the day! This is our fifth visit to Bahrain now and my Mum and I have tried to make it, as relaxing and homely as possible for Isabella.

Back at home Isabella has her own bedroom and playroom. Her Playroom is very bright and visual and filled with an abundance of sensory toys and lights, we have tried to recreate the same thing here in Bahrain.


We have floor mats so we can play and do Isabella’s daily physio in front of the mirror. We have a music box, role play box, books, soft toys and sensory toys. We have a beautiful disco light that dances in varying colours all over the ceiling and walls.  We are always finding new things to add to the room.


My Mum spent hours downloading images from the internet and laminating wall and flash cards. When we leave the room stays the way it is. My parents say it is our room after all. Her toys are just put away and brought out again for the next time we visit.

Now you may wonder where my Dad fits into all of this. Sadly he has to work during the week, but he has the weekends off. So we make the most of the time together. We do get to have breakfast and dinner together on most days, where we tell him all about what we have planned or what we have got up to that day. Isabella always has special cuddles with Pops in the evening to make up for the time she missed with him in the day. This is why weekends are great, as we get to spend them together.

We all eat together in the kitchen, the main hub of the house. Isabella loves watching my Mum potter and dance around the kitchen and my Dad loves having a full house again. When he first moved to Bahrain 7 years ago, he was completely alone in the flat, with just a fish for company.

While my Dad is at work during the week, we fill our days (after our respective physio and gym sessions) with lunches out, catching up with friends and walks in the sunshine. When it is too hot outside we walk in the malls. The malls out here are huge, every mall has it’s own children’s play area, as for the most part it is too hot for children to play outside during in the day.

The children’s play areas feature soft play areas, inflatable bouncy castles, gaming machines and rides. Now the one great thing is that most of the rides here allow me to ride with Isabella. This has been amazing, as usually in the UK Isabella misses out on rides that require her to sit independently, here she can just sit with me on my lap. Not only to I get to ride with her and listen to her giggle with delight, as we ride up and down or round and round, we both get to ride for free. Here in Bahrain any child with special needs rides and plays for free, along with their carer.

Combo 1

Combo 2

We are also very fortunate that the apartment block has it’s own roof top swimming pool. You all know how much of a water baby Isabella is, so the pool is a real hit! At the start of the holiday we did night swims just before bed, as it was just too hot in the day and Isabella also has an aversion to the sun, but more recently we have managed to swim before dinner when it was still light. Day or night Isabella loves to swim…

Night swim Day swim

Mondays are busy, as well as the usual things we get up to, we also go to our Kindermusik class. Tomorrow is the last class, another reminder that our holiday is drawing to a close. All good things must come to an end and the added bonus is we get to see Daddy very, very soon, as we have missed him lots.


We still have another fun packed five days to fill, but we would like to say a MASSIVE thank you to my Mum and Dad aka Nuna and Pops, for a wonderful time. You really are the best parents/ Grandparents anyone could ask for…..xx

Nuna and Pops


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