SWAN Song Part 2

WOW. July 1st was the last time I posted. It has been such a long time since I have posted here, on my blog. I have so much to say but never seem to find the time. As you all know (as I have harped on about it a fair bit) SWAN has been a major part of our lives (and still is) on our journey with Monkey in the Jungle.  So I decided to write a second part to the original SWAN song from last year…. I promise I will follow this up with all the posts I have been promising myself to write….



Over a year ago,

I joined SWAN UK,

A place I fell in love with,

And a place I will stay.


At this time,

The family was quite small,

But everyone of us,

Stood very proud and tall.


We raised awareness,

To get SWAN known,

And to find other families,

Who were standing alone.


Time went on,

and our numbers grew,

The word was out,

We were no longer a few,


In over a year,

We have grown seven fold,

And no signs of stopping,

As others are told.


Times have changed,

And the group is so vast,

With posts and pictures,

All coming so fast.


I pop in when I can,

To say hello,

And it’s lovely to hear,

From those that I know,


To those of you,

I have yet to meet,

I am glad you found us,

And joined our fleet.


Finding SWAN meant,

Finding a Place to belong,

And within a few months

I wrote my SWAN song,


I may not always comment,

Or always lend an ear,

But that doesn’t mean,

I am not here.


SWAN’s foundations are,

Built on honesty & trust,

A sense of humour,

Is definitely a must,


We share our feel goods,

Our highs and our lows,

Our worries, our fears,

Our strife and our woes,


When we got a diagnosis,

I didn’t leave SWAN,

As I wanted the friendships

And support to go on,


But I wanted to find others,

To find out more,

But found very little,

Behind the PMG door,


So with another Mum,

In the hope we’d be heard,

We set up a charity,

To help spread the word,


We have feel good Fridays,

And share in the same way,

And everyone is thoughtful,

and kind in what they say,


Like SWAN in the beginning,

Our family is quite small,

But in the same way,

We all stand very tall.


Please like our page,

So our family can grow,

And be like SWAN,

With more in the know.



By Tracey Gardiner


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