If I could, then I would..

Like most of the general public I am a huge fan of Dynamo. For those of you who haven’t heard of him he is an astounding Magician, performing tricks and stunts that will leave you in a real suspension of disbelief. I guess other than the fact it makes for great television and the tricks he performs are mind-blowing, the real reason I am drawn to it is it always leaves me thinking..’what if?’. If he can walk on water, put a phone inside a beer bottle, levitate himself off the side of a bus, change paper butterflies into real ones, couldn’t he just make Isabella’s difficulties disappear. Don’t panic I haven’t lost my grip on reality, I know that it isn’t possible, but sometimes wishful thinking is nice. The same way, I wish, like Aladdin I could find the magic lamp and the genie grant me three wishes. I can tell you now every wish I made would be for Isabella.

Like any parent I want the best for Isabella and I would do anything for her. When I see her struggling it hurts me and always gets me thinking, if I could then I would..

If I could give you the use of my hands,

so you could play with your toys,

and have the independence you so desperately want,

then I would.


If I could take away your involuntary hand movements,

so you could stay focused,

without your hand distracting you,

then I would.


If I could give you the use of my feet,

so you could stand without pain,

without your toes curling and your feet rolling out to the sides,

then I would.


If I could give you the strength of my trunk,

so you could stand and sit independently,

then I would.


If I could give you the control of your body,

so you don’t have to fight with it,

as it throws you back and forth,

then I would.


If I could give you my voice,

So you could tell me what’s wrong,

and what you need,

then I would.


If I could hold you close,

and kiss away all your difficulties,

then I would… xxx



3 thoughts on “If I could, then I would..

  1. Youve put down in words I think what most parents with children with special needs wish for everytime they lay there little ones down for the night…I often sit for long periods after mimi has fallen asleep and just look at her and think what if…what if im asleep and get woken by a little hand tugging on me and I open my eyes to find my beautiful mimi and shes standing there with a lovely smile on her face and she says “hi mummy I love you”…and shes just healthy no more pains or discomfort…..but shes still my baby girl and she makes ut all worth while when she looks at me and smiles…..your stories are beautiful to read…x

  2. How beautiful and thanks for giving me the opportunity to use my tissues!!! Even though you want to give Isabella all these things I think you don’t quiet realise how much you are actually do give her!!! You are a wonderful mum and I’m for sure Isabella knows how much you love her. But like you I also would like to be able to do some magic,but the magic already excites within Isabella 💕 sending you big hugs and kisses 💋xxxxx not long now xxxxx

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