If I could, then I would..

Like most of the general public I am a huge fan of Dynamo. For those of you who haven’t heard of him he is an astounding Magician, performing tricks and stunts that will leave you in a real suspension of disbelief. I guess other than the fact it makes for great television and the tricks he performs are mind-blowing, the real reason I am drawn to it is it always leaves me thinking..’what if?’. If he can walk on water, put a phone inside a beer bottle, levitate himself off the side of a bus, change paper butterflies into real ones, couldn’t he just make Isabella’s difficulties disappear. Don’t panic I haven’t lost my grip on reality, I know that it isn’t possible, but sometimes wishful thinking is nice. The same way, I wish, like Aladdin I could find the magic lamp and the genie grant me three wishes. I can tell you now every wish I made would be for Isabella.

Like any parent I want the best for Isabella and I would do anything for her. When I see her struggling it hurts me and always gets me thinking, if I could then I would..

If I could give you the use of my hands,

so you could play with your toys,

and have the independence you so desperately want,

then I would.


If I could take away your involuntary hand movements,

so you could stay focused,

without your hand distracting you,

then I would.


If I could give you the use of my feet,

so you could stand without pain,

without your toes curling and your feet rolling out to the sides,

then I would.


If I could give you the strength of my trunk,

so you could stand and sit independently,

then I would.


If I could give you the control of your body,

so you don’t have to fight with it,

as it throws you back and forth,

then I would.


If I could give you my voice,

So you could tell me what’s wrong,

and what you need,

then I would.


If I could hold you close,

and kiss away all your difficulties,

then I would… xxx