‘The Undiagnosed’ – In Memory of ‘Beatrice’ and ‘Harry’…

So tomorrow is our very first ‘Undiagnosed Children’s Awareness Day.’ While all the talk and posting on Face Book and Twitter has been amazing, as it means the word is getting out. It has made me think there may some people who will find tomorrow difficult.

Beautiful ‘Beatrice’ sadly passed away last year and very recently we lost the gorgeous ‘Harry’. I wanted to write a poem for tommorow to celebrate our SWANS, but I wanted Beatrice and Harry’s friends and family to know that their beautiful children’s memories will live on forever in our hearts. So ‘Beatrice’ and ‘Harry’, I dedicate this poem to you both.

Today is the day,

Where we spread the word,

Where ‘Undiagnosed’ Voices,

Need to be heard,


They shouldn’t need a label,

Or their condition a name,

For our children to be,

Treated exactly the same,


Being ‘Undiagnosed’ you live,

In world of unknown,

No answers to questions,

You feel so alone,


Why do we have to,

Plead and fight,

To get what they need,

It’s just not right,


The playing field should be even,

All rules should be set,

A diagnosis shouldn’t determine,

The help that they get,


We often feel deflated,

Down trodden and beat,

Things only accomplished,

When we turn up the heat,


Our children are an inspiration,

So determined and strong,

But we are made to feel,

Like they don’t ‘belong’,


So today is our day,

We will take our cue,

To stand as one united,

Wearing pink and blue,


Let’s hope today raises interest,

On conditions so rare,

The ‘Undiagnosed’ not invisible,

And the world more aware,


But as much as this is,

a great day to rejoice,

As our ‘Undiagnosed’

Finally now have a voice,


We mustn’t forget those,

Who sadly have passed,

Theirs lives too short,

But their memories held fast,


To ‘Beatrice’ and ‘Harry’,

And all those before.

May your memories live on,

Forever More.


By Tracey Gardiner





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