Good Night Sweetheart….

“Good Night Sweetheart well it’s time to go,

I hate to leave you but I really must go,

Good Night Sweetheart, Good Night.”

When I hear that song it always makes me think of the film Three Men a Little Lady. I love the way they place her in her cot and all three men look lovingly at her, as she lies there peacefully and blissfully asleep.

I absolutely love putting Isabella to bed and it isn’t because Isabella has driven me mad all day and I need a break. It is because at night, in the quiet moments in the dark, as she slowly sucks on her bottle and is falling asleep, she is in finally in control of her body.

You see in the day, Isabella’s body controls her. It is like she is trapped at times in her own body. She has her involuntary hand movement with her right hand, where 3 – 4 times a minute it rises up in the air distracting her from what ever activity she may be doing. For example if she is sitting (which she can manage very briefly for a few seconds) once her hand goes up she topples forward, as she no longer has the hand she was propping on for support.

Then there is her right hand which she bites when excited or frustrated. The only way to describe is, like she has been wired up wrong, so whenever she laughs, is happy or excited she bites her hand. It is hard as a parent to watch your child bite her hand and see her make it sore. She doesn’t draw blood, but it is red and sore looking nevertheless. She doesn’t cry it is just her very unusual way of expressing emotion, but one of the many things I would like her not to do. As a parent it is extremely difficult, as you don’t want your child to bite her hand, but something as simple and as loving as kissing her makes her do it. The more happy and excited she gets, the more frequently she bites and the same goes for when she is frustrated.

To add to this she has hypertonia in her arms. Hypertonia means high muscle tone. The high muscle tone in her arms means there is too much tension in the muscles at rest. The muscles are tight and tense even though they are not doing anything.

Her legs have variable tone, sometimes they are tight at other times they are floppy, but for the most part like her arms they are very tight. Her toes are usually curled and tense also. Throw into the mix an unexpected noise and her body borders on rigour mortis.

So you can imagine how nice it feels for Isabella (and me) when her arms are relaxed at bed time and no longer tense. Her legs laying gently over mine, not a tense muscle in sight, listening to her lullaby softly playing with her hand gently stroking my face, sucking gently on her bottle, with no involuntary hand movements or hand biting in sight.

Before she finally nods off she snuggles in close for a special bed time cuddle, head cwtched in close under mine, hands on my neck and face. Now I am able to give her lots of gentle kisses and cuddle her relaxed body. Like the song says, I hate to leave her as, I love this time of the day where she is relaxed and at peace. I lay her gentle body down in the cot and watch her sleep peacefully and blissfully….Mummy’s little Sweet Heart x


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