Bright Light City…

Elvis Presley once sang about Las Vegas,

“Bright light city gonna set my soul
Gonna set my soul on fire..”

Boy was he right. We love Vegas! This was our fifth visit to Las Vegas and it was Isabella’s first. With Isabella tucked up in bed, we decided to cuddle up, chill out and watch a movie on our 6 x 8 ft movie screen, with the bright lights of Vegas twinkling like diamonds in the background. Sadly it wasn’t to be. We learnt very quickly that travelling with a little person in tow and with no alcohol, it was virtually impossible to hold back the incredible wave of tiredness that had washed over us. We were in bed by 9pm – how Rock and Roll were we?

Now this is when our age and the fact we are parents probably shows. On most of the previous trips to Vegas, we didn’t see much of our beds or even remember how comfy they were (when we actually did sleep!) On this occasion we couldn’t wait to climb into our ginormous bed, accompanied with the sound effects of ‘aaaahh’, when the soft fluffy pillows and soft mattress made contact with our bodies. It was heaven. So much more comfortable than our bed back at home and with an amazing view to boot. We looked at each and then at Isabella and smiled, within minutes like Isabella we were both fast asleep.

We figured Isabella would be up early, with the time difference and jet lag, but we never figured it would be quite as early as 3 am! Funnily enough it didn’t bother me, we were on holiday! I was excited. Paul on the other hand, was not so excited to be awake at this hour, so Isabella and I let him sleep while we snuggled up and watched a movie. A movie snuggled in with my favorite little person in possibly the world’s most comfortable bed, made for a great start to the holiday.

Once the movie was finished, Paul was finally awake, how he slept through the movie and our giggles I’ll never know! We had massive morning family cuddle, in the hugely oversized bed; It was bliss. It may have been 5 in the morning, but we were on holiday. We were in Las Vegas and we had nowhere to be and no one to see, the time was ours, to do with what ever we pleased.

We were up and out of the hotel room and sat down for a good old american breakfast by 8am. Just the walk through the hotel had Isabella gazing in amazement. For those of you that haven’t been, it is like being outside, inside. Only with lots more lights and sparkle.


This was our view, as we tucked into our delicious pancakes. The breakfast was most welcome after we had spent all of the previous day travelling. Although Isabella and I had been up since 3, we were still going strong. Tummies full, we set off, ready for a day of exploring, it didn’t take long however for Isabella to give into the urge to sleep! and sleep she did…3 hours solid, something that never happens at home in the day!

On we strolled, Isabella fast asleep and Paul and I completely relaxed. Holiday Mode had definitely kicked in. It was refreshing to be able to walk outside, without needing an umbrella or a huge winter coat. It was fresh, but the sun was warm and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky.

As we were walking, we were talking. It was nice to be able to talk without the sound of a text message alert, or phone ringing or distraction from the TV. A lot of the time we were reminiscing, as we got married in Las Vegas and on our last stay I was actually pregnant with Isabella! So much had changed and at the same time lots had stayed the same. We decided to walk the length of the strip towards the infamous Vegas sign, the last time we had been there was on our wedding day.

We were hoping Isabella would be awake to see this fabulous landmark and have her picture taken, but she was fast asleep. We paid $2 for someone to take our picture. This annoyed me immensely as there was a sign that clearly stated no one should be loitering and working for tips. As much as she annoyed me, she actually took a bloody great photograph. It was perfect, well apart from Isabella being asleep!

vegas sign

Walking down Las Vegas Strip and sampling all of the delights with Isabella who had finally woken up from her 3 hour slumber, conjured up a lot of feelings. I had walked down the strip as a newly married woman, with my whole new life’s journey ahead of me. I had also walked down the strip with a tiny person inside me, stroking my bump lovingly. On both occasions I remember thinking it would be amazing to take this little person (Peanut) here and show them where Mummy and Daddy got married, knowing that they would love Vegas the same way we did. To watch their little eyes light up at this amazing, sparkling city where everything is supersized and magical. To listen to them ask questions about all the hundreds of wonderous sights, such as the Pyramids, the Eiffel Tower and the Bellagio Fountains that stood before them. To watch them walk around Circus Circus in awe and want to go on every single ride possible. I never once thought that when we finally did come back that our beautiful and amazing daughter would be unable to walk or talk.

That said we both know that Isabella may not have understood that Mummy and Daddy got married here, but she does understand happiness. She understood that being here together as a family made Mummy and Daddy happy, which in turn made Isabella happy. She may not have been able to talk and walk around and experience Las Vegas the way that we had dreamed, but just the look on her face when she saw the fountains at Bellagio, or the way she kicked her legs in excitement and actually watched the Clown at Circus Circus and the way she giggled in delight when we danced around with all the Christmas music and twinkling lights was worth it’s weight in gold. The 10 hour flight here and the anxiety and stress leading up to it had been worth it. Isabella in fact did love Vegas the way we had always thought she would.