It is SWANderful here…

Today is National Poetry Day. I wasn’t aware of this until a friend posted a poem she had written about children with ‘different’ needs, she doesn’t like to use the term special. She is the Grandmother of a lovely little fellow SWAN. Here is the link to her beautiful poem.

So following on from her theme and since it is National Poetry Day I thought I would share with you all the poem I wrote about what my SWAN family means to me. So here goes..

It is SWANderful here..

I found this group about 6 months ago,

And it didn’t take long for me to love it though,

Here we can share in our hopes and fears,

And share in our happiness and our tears,


Here there are no quarrels, anger or hate,

We are one big family- some might call it fate,

There is always someone there day or night,

When you feel down and no hope is in sight,


If you have been made to feel irrelevant and small,

The response you will receive will make you stand tall,

Lots of virtual hugs and kind words will come your way,

Making you feel brighter and lifted to get on with your day,


There is always someone there to share in the good,

And no matter how small you are always understood,

From learning to walk or simply holding a cup,

We all understand that our SWANs never give up,


When others fail and make us shout,

Here it is safe to simply let it all out,

To have a rant, a scream and a moan,

It makes you feel better knowing you are not alone,


The SWAN family is far flung and wide,

But with the click of a button you are by my side,

All of you have played a great part,

And share a place within my heart.


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