Without a Diagnosis Documentary…

Earlier this year, Kat Williams, a Trainee Journalist, who also follows my blog decided that she would do a documentary following three SWAN families. She hoped that it would increase public awareness and understanding of SWAN. She wanted to highlight what SWAN families go through and the hope that the Sanger Institute are providing through the DDD (Deciphering Developmental Disorders) study. I for one was very excited that someone outside of the SWAN community was interested and moved enough to dedicate their time in spreading awareness.

I am pleased to say that the documentary is finished and it it brilliant. I hope that you find the time to watch it and share it with your friends. I also hope it further deepens your understanding on what life is like for SWAN families.

So this post is dedicated to you ‘Kat Williams’. I would like to say Thank you Kat on behalf of all SWAN families for spreading awareness and taking a genuine interest. As far as grades go Isabella and I would definately award you an A*!

Please click on this link to watch the video and to learn more about the Science, SWAN UK and three SWAN families used in the documentary. http://withoutadiagnosis.wordpress.com/


3 thoughts on “Without a Diagnosis Documentary…

  1. Do you know, I’ve read this blog post over and over and haven’t known how to tell you how wonderful it made me feel.

    Thank you so much for all of the kind things you have said. This documentary was my first ever independent piece and my first 20 minute programme too!

    Before releasing it I was very nervous about whether SWAN parents would like it or not, and I am so glad that you have all been so supportive.

    I really hope that if we can get the message out using this video, something might change. Maybe in future, journos like me won’t need to step in.

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