A word from Monkey…

Hello Isabella here or Monkey, as Mummy and Daddy call me. Mummy thought it would be nice if I was a guest blogger on here. It’s only right since the blog is about me and I actually started blogging before Mummy http://allaboutpeanut.blogspot.co.uk/ take a look if you find the time. It’s all about my journey here.

Yesterday will most definitely go down as a very special day to treasure and remember. It was perfect, all except for Daddy not being here to share it with us.

Mummy already told you about the wonderful coverage SWAN UK received on the radio. It was funny watching her, as she was pulling strange faces and taking ages in between each spoonful of my breakfast. Now usually when she is on the phone she lets me speak, because it’s usually Daddy or someone I know on the other end. Yesterday however she didn’t put the phone near me, so I had to shout extra loud to make sure that they heard me; apparently they did!  After the interview it went a bit crazy in the house, the phone kept ringing and Mummy was acting more ditsy than normal. Luckily I had Auntie Helen and Auntie Gemma to play with me while Mummy, spoke on the phone and got ready for our WaterBabies lesson. Our special WaterBabies lesson was the whole reason behind the interview; the synchronised swim that me and my friends were taking part in. So let me tell you all about that.

We left the house much earlier than normal, as there was a big car crash near Oxford and Mummy didn’t want to miss our special event and neither did I. It was a good job that Mummy’s friends came to stay, as it meant Auntie Gemma could feed me my snack in the car. Mummy, as usual when we have someone in the car will talk endlessly and not let the person get a word in edgeways. I actually thought Mummy might be tired of speaking since she had spoken so much on the phone that morning already, but Auntie Gemma didn’t seem to mind. Maybe she just switches off, I think that is what Daddy does! He should learn though because Mummy will ask him what she said and not being able to talk sadly I cannot help him with right answer!

Anyway I am waffling, I don’t know where I get that from! So luckily we weren’t stuck in traffic. Mummy will tell you I hate being stationary in cars or my buggy so that saved Mummy’s ears. With plenty of time to spare we arrived and sat and waited for our exciting WaterBabies Olympic Games lesson. All my friends slowly arrived; Freddie, Marcie, Edie, Samuel and Gracie and just like me they couldn’t wait to get into the pool.

Finally after what seemed like an eternity we were in the pool cooling off, I tell you that changing room is like a sauna. Poor Mummy thought she was going to faint. She kept saying she was getting hot flushes. Well someone who most definitely would be getting hot was our swimming instructor. She was fab and got into the spirit of the WaterBabies Games by wearing a huge Union Jack Wig, it looked very itchy and warm. You never would have guessed it though, as she was smiling the whole time like always.

She kicked off the lesson with ‘Here we go round the swimming pool.’ We go around the pool and warm up and get used to the water. Then she chose me to do the first ‘1,2,3 swim’, this is where I swim to Mummy on the surface of the water. Mummy was very pleased with me, I did lots of kicking and did very well.

I felt like a celebrity, as I had Auntie Helen and Auntie Gemma watching me and  taking pictures. Saz from Waterbabies had a big swish camera and was taking lots of pictures too! I am never one to shy away from having my picture taken, when I saw a camera pointing in my direction I made sure I gave my biggest and bestest smile. Then there was another lady dressed in bright pink I had never met before, but she looked familiar, as I had seen her on Mummy’s laptop.

We then did lots of fun things we did a special Olympic Wheels on the bus, where we kicked, rowed and jumped up high. We then had lots of splishy splashy fun doing lots of different activities; we chased our balls using our woggles in bit of water polo, did some diving underwater, some water archery where we threw a duck through a hoop, and we did some rowing on our big jelly mat. I did all of these as always with my Mummy’s help. My friends all did the high jump where they ran across the mat and ‘jumped’ into the water. I did the low jump and did a big roll into the pool with a big splash, which made Mummy wet!

I know you are all waiting to hear about the synchronised swim, so I won’t keep you waiting any longer. When Mummy heard we were about to do it, it looked like she was going to cry. Her eyes welled up, but it was okay because she gave me a big squeeze and kiss and the tears went away as quickly as they had come.

For the synchronised swim we did the ‘Grand Old Duke of York’ and we all went under water at the exact same time with our Mummies and Nannies, we turned around in the water (with some help) and came back up to the surface. It was great fun! We all came up smiling and proud, we had done it! Mummy gave me the biggest cuddle and the biggest hooray. I was so happy I had made her proud. I looked around and the cameras were clicking away and everyone was smiling.

At the end of lesson it was great because we got a certificate and a medal. It was the first medal any of us had ever got, it was a very special moment. We had a lovely group photo taken. Mummy and I were very pleased about this, as two of my friends (Freddie and Samuel) won’t be coming back next term, so at least we will have a photo to remember them by.

When we got out the pool Mummy introduced me to the familiar looking lady dressed in pink. The lady was Lauren from SWAN UK. She didn’t mind that I was wet and she gave me a big kiss and said she was very proud of Mummy and I. Mummy once again looked like she was going to cry. She has been a lot this recently. I think she will have a big cry when Daddy comes home. I know she has missed him, as much as I have. It has been a big week for us both and it would have been brilliant if Daddy was here, but nevermind we only have to wait two more days.

We made our way into the changing room and Mummy got us both dressed and dried. I was exhausted and was very much looking forward to lunch. It turned out I would have to wait a bit longer, as we were told that we had to get back into our costumes and get back into the pool! The photographer from the local newspaper had turned up and wanted photos of us in the pool. Since I was having such a lovely day, I didn’t mind, although I must admit it wasn’t nice putting on a cold wet costume, but I was a big girl and didn’t cry.

We went back out poolside and the photographer took lots of pictures of Mummy and I. Even Lauren from SWAN who didn’t have costume with her, bought one and joined us in the pool for a photo. We had a quick splash about before the photographer told us he had the photos he needed. We got changed for the second time and I finally got to tuck into my lunch, while Mummy chewed Lauren’s ears off!

So that was it, the big event we had waited for was now over. But what a success! Our story made it on the radio, it will feature in the local paper and more importantly to date thanks to YOU we have raised £400 and as a combined total over £2600 for our charity SWAN UK.

Mummy and I would like to thank Waterbabies for choosing to sponsor SWAN UK and you lovely people for supporting us with your kind words and generous donations. For those of you who would like to donate our fundraising page is open until the 26th August.


As Mummy promised some photos of our special day.

Looking for those all important cameras…

Me with my medal..waiting for my lunch xx


5 thoughts on “A word from Monkey…

  1. Well done Izzy and Mummy!! It sounds like a very tiring but rewarding day! Lots of well done kisses for Izzy from Charlotte and Arabella x x x

  2. I’ve just managed to listen to the recording of you and Mummy (and add my sponsorship to your fund)! My favourite bit of the recording was when she was talking about Water Babies and she said “we started going to Water Babies when we were 4 1/2 months old.” Then she changed and said “When Isabella was 4 1/2 months old”. You are so much a part of each other and intune with each other. You and your Mummy are wonderful!

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