SWAN song…

When you pass our little girl by,

Please don’t stare,

Just show some respect,

I am not asking you to care,


You can ask me questions,

I promise not to bite,

But if you continue to stare,

Then I just might,


I will tell you that,

My little girl is SWAN,

There are thousands like her,

She is not the only one.


SWAN means;

Syndrome Without a Name,

But no two SWANS,

Are the exactly the same,


We have had tests done,

The doctors can’t be sure,

And without a diagnosis,

There is certainly no cure,


She cannot walk or talk,

Or hold her own toys,

And easily is spooked,

When she hears a sudden noise,


She cannot crawl,

Or even sit or stand,

So she needs a lot of help,

and a caring hand.


She can communicate,

with her body and eyes,

and makes different sounds,

which is no surprise,


She can really roll,

And loves it on her tummy,

And has a unique way,

Of reaching her Mummy,


Isabella cannot feed herself,

or even hold her cup,

But she is determined,

and never gives up,


When you see us SWANs,

Out and about,

We may lose control,

And cry and shout,


This is not because,

We are naughty or bad,

And when our parents hear this,

It makes them feel sad,


There are certain situations,

That SWANs find tough,

It is their way of saying,

That they’ve had enough.


So next time you see a child,

behaving in a different way,

remember they may be disabled,

before you have your say.


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