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It’s funny how things can change so quickly. A few months ago it felt like SWAN was barely on the radar, no one seemed to have heard of it. Since then there have been articles in the National papers The Sun and The Daily Mail, stories on local news and in local news letters and more recently for us the offer of a sponsored swim at our local Water Babies group.

The e mail about the sponsored syncronised swim was only sent yesterday evening, but since setting up our fundraising page to date we have already raised £125 which has astounded me.

To add to this there was also lots of excited chatter in the changing room today. All of Isabella’s waterbabies parents/grandparents were geniunely happy and made up, that Isabella and her SWAN friends have been thought of. They are very keen to spread the word amongst their own friends and family and try to raise lots of money and awareness. So again for the second time in as many days I have felt choked and quite overwhelmed by it all.

On the subject on awareness another Mum was in the changing room, changing from the previous class. She joined in on the conversation and asked how the sponsorship came about. I told her that they telephoned and asked what charity we would like to sponsor. She then went onto say that Water Babies sponsored her husband when he swam the channel for FootSteps Centre in Dorchester. Although I had never heard of it Footsteps is a rehabilitation centre for children with neurological disorders. Very soon I learnt her little boy went there. She then explained that he had several tests done and that the Doctors weren’t sure what was causing his developmental delay. This began to sound all too familiar. The Doctors told her that it was more than likely Cerebral Palsy, but they couldn’t be sure since the tests had come back normal. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, a lady who I had seen in passing over the last two years and knew just to say hello and give a friendly smile also had a SWAN. I asked her if she had her of SWAN before and she said she hadn’t until she had read about it in the e mail.

I stood there excited at the prospect that because of Water Babies decision to sponsor SWAN another family could enjoy the benefits of being part of such a wonderful family. The other parents and Grandparents looked on in amazement -they couldn’t believe it either. I told her how amazing the group was and how we supported each other and her face told a thousand words. I could see that she was pleased that she had now found a group where people would truly understand how she feels.  Her journey that she thought had ended, as she had come to a dead end would now continue. It still may not give her any new answers, but it will give her all the love, hope, support and encouragement in the world.



5 thoughts on “Read all about it..

  1. Glad it’s all going well and word and support for this wonderful cause is spreading. I was really touched by your story and find myself telling everyone i know about ‘SWAN’ and your beautiful family 🙂 Love to you and the gorgeous Isabella xxxx

  2. Wonderful! Lovely to be able to connect with each other this way through the SWAN UK group. It really is a lifeline.

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