You are so beautiful to me..

Every parent thinks their child is beautiful and amazing and I am no different. People always tell me how beautiful Isabella is and yes to look at she is 100 % perfection. I could look at her for hours; her perfectly shiny blonde hair, her amazing blue eyes that twinkle in the light, her cute button nose and her captivating smile with her whiter than white teeth. There is more however to Isabella than just her beauty on the outside.  I think she is truly beautiful from the inside out.

Isabella has so many obstacles that stand in her way and stop her doing what she really wants – yet she is always happy and always smiling.

She has to watch other children (and adults) do what she is unable to, this doesn’t phase her she just perseveres with what she can do.

She has to see several different people at hospital and at home who poke and prod her and watch and assess her. She doesn’t like it and she may cry, but she lets them get on and do what they need to do.

She has had to wake up several times in a strange hospital bed after being put under general anesthetic or sedation. She has looked around anxiously for familiarity, but that the anxiety soon subsides when she catches a glimpse of Mummy. She happily comes straight into my arms, smiles, relaxes and goes back to sleep.

She has strangers stop in the street to talk to her. She can be nervous around strangers, so looks to me for reassurance, and when she finds it she smiles right back at the stranger.

She has to have Mummy and Daddy help her to do everything, but rather than just lie back and let us to all the work, she is trying her best to help where she can. For example most recently in the last few weeks she has started grabbing the spoon again(she used to be able to hold it) and with my hand over hers she is helping to feed herself.

Her beauty shines through in her spirit, strength and determination.

The famous love song, ‘You are so beautiful to me’, says it all..

You are so beautiful To me,

You are so beautiful To me,

Can’t you see,

You’re everything I hoped for,

You’re everything I need,

You are so beautiful To me.


6 thoughts on “You are so beautiful to me..

  1. Yep she truly is beautiful in all her ways! We are so very lucky to have tree beautiful granddaughters and two great children who with their husband/wife doing all the best and a brilliant job too raise them!!!! We are so very very proud and love you all so very very much!! xxxxxxx

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