Two words that mean so much…

In the past few months I have dedicated posts to a special SWAN Mummy, my parents and my husband and thanked them for their love and support.  My brain is constantly thinking of posts that I can publish. I have lots that are just sitting in my draft box waiting to be finished and set free. But they are going to have to wait a little bit longer, as today I want to dedicate my posts to YOU the people who read my posts and encourage me to write more.

In the past two days the number of followers has increased rapidly. I know that I sent the link to you lovely people, but I have been truly overwhelmed by the interest you have shown in our story. Your kind words and offers of support in spreading awareness have been astounding. I have sat here the last two nights feeling a little bit emotional (if I am honest) by all your beautiful words and messages. It is truly amazing how these words have lifted themselves off my screen and touched my heart. Sorry a little bit gushy, but it is true. I know that in this day and age we are busy rushing around and find very little time to sit and take time out. So I feel flattered that you took your precious time and chose to read about our story.

Some of you have posted your comments on here directly and others have messaged me. I just want to share some of the beautiful comments you have made..

..’just read your blog……..cant believe all you have been through…….from ur pictures you seem to have a very happy little girl with amazing parents! hope you all get some answers very soon xx’

‘thank you for sharing your story of your beautiful baby girl. I have never heard of such symptoms and not finding an answer so What you have been through must have been very scary, how wonderful that Isabella has such wonderful parents and I’m sure supportive family too. All your pictures show how happy she is. I will certainly be reading your blogs and will be thinking of Isabella and you when she goes for her 2nd MRI. Fingers crossed that you will get the answers you deserve. Anything I can do to help and raise awareness you just say! Xxxx’

I too would have been unaware of isabella’s condition, she is a gorgeous little girl, happy smiley little swan x i am totally shocked that her condition is undiagnosed. If there is anything I can do to help please let me know x x x’

You are such an inspiration!!! Xxx

‘Hearing your story really tugged at my heart strings, Isabelle looks so happy in the pictures you post in FB. I hope one day you get the answers but in the meantime spreading the word to everyone and getting support no matter how little hopefully will help.’  

‘I would have had no idea Isabella had an undiagnosed condition. She is such a beautiful little girl, on all of your photos she just looks so happy and loved.  Me and my girls want to send you lots of love and to Isabella and all the other little swans we hope that answers aren’t too far away xxx’

‘Hunny, heart breaking to read your story, I would never have known that there was anything wrong with your princess from following her life over the last months on facebook. I have another friend who has a very poorly baby and we believe that these children are only given to special people. You my love, are one of these, and Isabella could not have wished for a more perfect mummy, stay strong and positive and enjoy every minuite of your little angel xxxx’

 ‘I am very sorry to hear about Isabella’s condition. I had no idea she always looks so happy and well in your pics and you are always so positive in your posts. I hope that the doctors will find a cure for her. I admire your strength it must very hard for you and Paul. Thinking about you all and big hugs to Isabella xxx’

‘Thank you so much for your message and the link to your blog. I think your blog is amazing and read through all of it. I had no knowledge of SWANS, and appreciate you sharing. I think your daughter is very lucky to have such a great Mummy and she can be certain you will work just as hard as her. I can also hear in the blogs what a lucky Mummy you are to have such a fab smiley gorgeous girl and what happiness, as all our kiddies do, she brings. I hope one day the system provides what it should without so much of a fight and energy having to be used, but mostly hope it just provides you with what it should! Thanks again for sharing and if we can ever help with raising awareness over in our region, me and my own two monkeys would love to help.’

‘Thanks for sharing this!and will continue 2 read ur blogs!I hope u get some more answers!xxx’

‘I had no idea that you were going through this!  The fact that your photos show such a beautiful smiling face (yours and Isabella’s!) proves what an amazing job you and Paul are doing.  Clearly Isabella is very lucky to have been born into such a wonderful family and I really hope that you get some answers soon so you know which direction to go in next. As mummy reading your blog has really moved me and I hope you will keep us updated with any news and progress.  If there is anything that I can do to help raise awareness or support you in any other way, please just let me know. Sending you all lots of love xxx ‘

‘The blog is heart wrenching and I think you and Paul. And Isabella are so brave – you see so many people winging on here and you are never one of them – and I love haring the updates. Funny how people go their own separate ways but no matter what, nice people will always be nice, and always care – no matter how much we may all have changed I will certainly support SWAN and I wish you all the best of luck with the MRI scan. I know you have loads of friends around you, but If you do need anything get in touch.’

I read your blog and it made me very emotional. It must have been very hard for you to share this with everyone. Isabella looks like she is a very happy little girl, but it must be so hard for you and your husband not having a diagnosis. She can’t have asked for a better mummy though as you are such a lovely positive person. It can not be easy though as being a military wife is not easy, especially when they are away. I will have everything crossed for you all when you go back for further tests and you are all in my thoughts. Hopefully one day the girls and I will see you at the Cotswold Wildlife Park. The park is such a lovely day out for little ones. If there is anything I can do whatever it may be, just let me know. Sending much love to you and the gorgeous Isabella x x

So you can see why I have been a little bit overwhelmed and emotional. It didn’t stop there however, I had my blog shared on your own Facebook pages and an offer of a sponsored walk in aid of SWAN. Which got me to thinking about what we could do to raise awareness nationally. I have been in touch with the SWAN Co-Ordinator and talks are now in place about what we can do. From many of the comments made you all seem very keen to help, so watch this space…

So I would like to finish this feel good post by once again using two words that mean so much- ‘Thank You’. I want to thank each one and everyone of you personally for taking the time to read, comment and share my blog. Some of you have been here from the start and your comments encouraged me to write more and I am glad I did.

“Our most difficult task as a friend is to offer understanding when we don’t understand.” You all have offered understanding beautifully.

In years to come hopefully I will be able to share this with Isabella and she will understand how supportive and nice people can be, in a world where there is sadly ignorance and hate….


2 thoughts on “Two words that mean so much…

  1. You know that Dad and I are always there for you and your brother,but when I was reading this blog even I was overwhelmed by the support and encouragement all these lovely people are showing you and Isabella!!! It’s great to see,that writting the blogs and joining the SWAN group is helping you to realise you are not alone out there!!! So we also like to take the opportunity to THANK all your friends and supporters too!!! sending you lots of love,hugs and kisses xxxxx

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