Daddy, Daddy Cool…

Since it’s Father’s Day and Isabella’s Daddy is away, I thought it would be nice to dedicate this post to him. This is my way of saying on behalf of Isabella what a wonderful Daddy she has and how much he is loved by the two of us.

From the minute we found out I was pregnant, Paul was the happiest man in the world. For the whole nine months he looked after ‘Peanut’ and I and still does today.

He clearly couldn’t wait to become a Daddy and I loved listening to him tell me about all the things that he would do with ‘Peanut.’ The list included taking Peanut to Football matches (both England and Liverpool) playing Football with Peanut, watching football on the TV with Peanut, you can see the general theme here! But seriously he was unbelievably excited (as was I ) and Peanut couldn’t arrive quick enough.

He would talk my tummy and once Peanut had got the hang of kicking, Peanut would kick when Daddy’s voice was heard.  Paul would always say ‘Peanut it’s Daddy’ and Peanut would kick excitedly. Daddy would then talk to Peanut about all the exciting things to come in the future. Every night before we went to sleep he would kiss my tummy and say ‘Good Night Peanut’. In fact it became such a habit that the first night we had Isabella at home, Paul still wanted to kiss my tummy, but then realised he had the most perfect little girl in our room sleeping soundly in her moses basket.

Paul was so concerned about the safety of Peanut and I that during the heavy snow in December (I was 5 months pregnant) I was under strict instructions not to leave the house in case I slipped and fell. I didn’t argue – I stuck the heating on and snuggled up on the sofa watching movies (as everyone had told me to make the most of the time before Peanut arrives)

In the February we set up the nursery. It was clear that Paul couldn’t believe that he would be a Daddy in a matter of weeks. He just kept looking around the room and imagining Peanut in the big cot. I remember him sitting in the nursing chair cuddling Peanut’s first teddy and smiling from ear to ear.

In the March we went on a special weekend away, as we knew it would be a while before we would be doing that again. It was a wonderful weekend filled with walks on the beach, romantic meals, cuddles (although they were getting a tad difficult with my now 1 metre waist!) and lots of talks about the future.

On the 19th April when my waters broke Daddy kept his cool and got us to the hospital and in typical Paul style got bored when it didn’t go as quick as he had hoped! The boredom soon passed when the contractions started. Paul found it hard seeing me in pain and tried to stay strong and coped better when I finally got my pain relief. He stuck by my side, holding my hand and kept telling me that very soon we would be meeting Peanut and finding out if she was a boy or a girl.

When Peanut finally made her apperance, after keeping us waiting an extra long ten days the best feeling other than meeting her myself was Paul telling me that Isabella looked straight up at him when he said the infamous phrase, ‘Peanut it’s Daddy.’ He welled up and looked like he was the happiest Daddy in the world.

That hasn’t changed today. Over the last two years our little girl AKA Monkey, Baby G, Izzy Rascal, Baby Girl has been the apple of her Daddy’s eye. His face lights up when he gets in from work and sees her and she smiles happily right back at him. On a Saturday morning they are thick as thieves when I get my much welcomed lie -in! They have breakfast together, watch the Grand Prix (Isabella’s choice apparently) and take Daisy for a lovely walk around the lake.

Since Daddy has been away Isabella has missed him greatly. The mere mention of the word ‘Daddy’, she laughs and her big blue ‘Daddy’ eyes open widely and she looks around for him. Luckily we are fortunate to be able to speak to Daddy every night on Skype. Isabella gets excited when she hears the ringing tone and her little eyes light up when she sees and hears her Daddy.

I tell her that Daddy has gone to work on a plane and that he will be back soon. I tell her about all the things that we will do together as a family once Daddy is home. It’s only 41 sleeps now and we are filling our days keeping ourselves busy until that time.

Happy Father’s Day Daddy – We love and miss you very much and think you are the best Daddy in the world xx


3 thoughts on “Daddy, Daddy Cool…

  1. Lovely babe. I think there was a little dust storm when I read this, had to wipe my eyes!! Love and miss you both loads, not long now xxx

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