Thanks for the memories..

I have mentioned my parents a lot throughout my posts on my blog. That is because they are a big, important part of my life and are always there for me. This blog is a special dedication to them to say ‘Thank You’ for everything and in particular for the last six weeks.  As over the last six weeks Isabella and I have a little holiday in the sun with them here in Bahrain. I am writing this on my final night and although we will be glad to get home, to our own beds, see our dog Daisy, catch up with our friends and other family members and to get back into our routine, we will definitely miss them both very much.

Most people couldn’t spend that long with their parents, but with us it just works. Don’t get me wrong there are moments where I am sure we drive each other mad, but they are far and few between. Isabella and I have our own room with an en suite. We have made it our home from home. We brought Isabella’s specialist seat over, along with her sensory toys and musical instruments and we put pictures and glow in the dark stars on the walls to give it a homely feel for Isabella. My mum even went out before we came over and picked out some other textured toys for Isabella and a stand to keep them all in.

It is our third visit here in Bahrain since Isabella was born and she loves it. The main reasons are; she feels very relaxed around my parents and enjoys the feeling of being free. You see with Isabella’s high muscle tone in her arms it is difficult to dress her and the more layers she has on the more restricted her movements become. It really is lovely to see her little toes (covered in ultra high 50+ suntan lotion) wriggling free in the sun, instead of curling up in socks and tights.

I really don’t know where the six weeks have gone! We have filled our days with a daily swimming session at the pool across the road, lunches out, shopping and walks in the sunshine and early evening strolls. We even joined local music and baby signing groups so Isabella could be around other children and not miss out on the groups we have back at home.

It has been lovely, as I have had a break too. I have been banned from the kitchen, and from doing any housework. I think I have made one sandwich since I have been here. The rest of the time my Mum has run around me and Isabella. I have tried to stop her but she just insists – I guess it’s a Mum thing! My Dad has been working most days but has loved coming home and playing with Isabella with my Mum, while I take some time out at the gym. Not a favourite pass time of mine but needs must and all that! Particularly since I have been indulging in home cooking, take away pizzas and meals out! Oh not forgetting ice-cream and donuts – well it is a holiday after all!

But all good things must come to an end and Isabella and I need to go home and get back into a routine of our own while Daddy is away. Paul is due back at the end of July, so we have 10 weeks to fill, which I don’t think will be a problem. We already have weekends with family and friends planned and are weeks are always jammed pack with groups, swimming and trips out. It will just be the three girls in the family, me Isabella and Daisy the dog! This 6 weeks however was just what we needed, some rest and relaxation in the glorious sunshine. Only problem is now we will probably going home to some grey, dismal weather!

We have taken lots of photos, eaten loads of delicious food, met some lovely people, had lots of laughs and fun and once again would really like to thank Mum and Dad AKA Nuna and Pops for the memories…we love you both very much…until next time at our place in the not so sunny UK….xx


5 thoughts on “Thanks for the memories..

  1. What a lovely way of saying thanks to us. Like always,we loved having you here in Bahrain and looking forward to your next visit. Loads of love,hugs and kisses from your very proud parents aka Nuna and Pops xxxxxxx safe flight ✈ back to the 🇬🇧 xxxxxxx

  2. Hurry back, we miss you already! We love you more than you could ever know, and we are both so very proud of you. Take care, safe flight and remember we are always only ever a phone call away. xox Nuna & Pops xxxx

  3. Ah I bet they’d do it all again in a second, sounds like you’ve had a lovely time. Do you think they’ll look after me for 6 weeks too 😉

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