Water off a duck’s back…

We all have things about us that we would like to change. I am no different, like most women I have my body hang ups, but those I can deal with. The thing I would most like to change is my sensitivity. I guess it is kind of like a type of OCD. If people say something negative (or what I deem as negative)  I will either put them straight or say nothing and digest their comment and keep playing it over and over in my head.

I know that half the time when things are said it is a case of people, not thinking before they speak, feeling awkward and saying the wrong thing unintentionally or sometimes just joking, but then there is the other half who do actually mean what they say. I am a tough person and will stand up for what I believe is right, but after the event I still find myself thinking about what was said, churning it around and around.

I have always been sensitive, that’s probably why I was such a good target for bullies when I was at school. I definitely feel though that I have become more sensitive since becoming a Mummy. The minute you become a Mummy people feel they have the right to pass comment, judge and even criticise you. This is definitely more apparent now that I am now the Mummy of a disabled child. I guess a big part of me taking everything to heart and so personally is because I am protecting and defending my daughter Isabella, as she doesn’t have a voice of her own.  Sometimes it is not what people say, it is their body language and the way they say it.  I have had everything from ‘Oh okay so you are breastfeeding!’ to ‘You’re overfeeding her!’

I wish I could be one of those people who ignore what is said and not let it bother them. I can pretend I have ignored what was said, but find myself stewing over it later. Then on the other hand I don’t want to just ignore when things are said, as ignorance could be seen as acceptance and sometimes people need to be made to understand. Comments like ‘Oh she is alright.’ ‘Look at her she is beautiful, there is nothing wrong with her!’ are ones that I do not let go or ignore. However one thing I am trying my hardest to improve on is the way I deliver my responses to people’s ridiculous comments such as these. I can sound quite blunt and harsh, as usually what has been said has annoyed me. I need to work on not biting and letting people get the better of me.

 I am not silly, I know we are at the start of a very long road where there will be lots of moments where things will be said that will not be to my liking and I will just have to let some of them wash over me, like water off a duck’s back….


7 thoughts on “Water off a duck’s back…

  1. Everything you have said in your blogs rings so true with me. Having a child who has ‘hidden’ battles opened my eyes to so much, and my heart to a whole lot more. You are an amazing, wonderful and awesome mummy (but I don’t need to tell you that) who is strong but even we need a hug too. ((((((hug))))))))

  2. I wonder where you get this trait from? 🙂 My life experience has taught me not to mind criticism. If it is untrue, disregard it; if unfair, don’t get irritated; if it is ignorant, smile; if it is justified then it is not criticism, it’s an opportunity; you can learn and grow from it. You are a wonderful Mummy and a daughter that I love more than you ever could know – I am so proud of you! xxxx

  3. Hi Tracey, you can say things so well, you are an amazing mum 🙂 having dealt with special needs children myself this takes very special people to care for them, some people forget this is 24/7 you cannot always be full of beans, you have a wonderful family and close friends who know how lucky Isabella is to have you xx

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