That thing you do..

Any parent will know how their own child has their little habits, quirks and expressions that are unique to them and make them who they are. Isabella has several and I love each and every one of them, some make me so happy and giddy inside that I could burst.

Isabella (unlike her Daddy) wakes with all the joys of spring. The minute her eyes open she babbles away for a bit and if she thinks we haven’t heard her she will kick her legs up and down in her cot, until she gets the required response, which of course is for us to go and get her! The minute she claps eyes on us she is smiling and giggling away. She cannot wait to be lifted out of her cot and start her day. That first smile, as we lift her out is simply magical and it really doesn’t matter if it is 5.30am and you are shattered. That smile and her sparkly blue eyes staring back at you make it all worth it.

As Isabella cannot speak it really is all in her eyes, facial expressions and body language. When she is really excited by something, for example a song (her favourite at the moment is ‘Moves Like Jagger’) she will laugh, her blue eyes will twinkle and she will stick both her arms and legs out straight in the air and kick her legs up and down. This is definitely one that gets me every time, it is so good to see. With so many involuntary movements it is truly wonderful to see Isabella in control.

Isabella is quite a Mummy’s girl and when she is tired, poorly or in a strange place only Mummy will do. Having said that Isabella is now getting very good at milking the Mummy Card when she is with Daddy. If Daddy is putting her to bed, I have to say my goodnight before she gets into her Pyjamas, as if she has a cuddle with me before her bottle and I pass her back to Daddy her bottom lip will almost hit the floor and she gives Paul a very sad look. She will then look back at me and smile and look back to Paul with the sad face and her eyes start to well up. We cannot help but laugh, as we know that she is pulling a fast one. She then laughs too and then looks to Paul again with the sad face. She knows that Daddy doesn’t like to see her upset so she knows she will get her own way. So to avoid the sad face when Daddy is on Bedtime duty kisses from Mummy are given in the bath!

Isabella loves tummy time and loves when we chase her. She cannot crawl but she will move ever so slightly and slowly in her own way. I only have to utter the words, ‘Oh Oh’ and she gets hysterical and starts giggling. When I follow it up with ‘Mummy’s coming to get you’, she squeals in delight and starts frantically kicking her legs, like she is trying to crawl away. As I slowly creep up towards her, she is squealing and kicking her legs the whole time. When I finally get close enough to tickle her she laughs uncontrollably. This is another one of these moments where I get a warm and fuzzy feeling and feel like I could burst with happiness.

One of my final Isabella favourites I will mention is at the end of the day when she is really tired she sometimes becomes what we call ‘Drunk Tired’. This is where her eyes are all small and red (strangely like Daddy’s after a few beers) and she will find the strangest of things funny and she will have a laughing fit, which then gives her the hiccups (another Daddy trait) The more we laugh the more she does until she cannot laugh no more.

It’s moments like these that I don’t think about what she can’t do, I don’t think about all the hospital appointments we have lined up or the therapists that are due to visit, I just think about how lucky I am to be a Mummy to such a wonderful, happy little girl.


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