It’s not like it is in the movies…

I have sat here this evening and travelled back in time through the magic of photos to 2 years ago today. Paul and I, along with my Mum and Dad were sat in my hospital room waiting for Peanut to make her appearance.  I honestly don’t know where the time has gone, but I remember it like it was yesterday.

Those of you who have had children will understand when I say it’s not like it is in the movies. In the movies when her waters break, the mother is rushed into hospital, given a room immediately and after some dramatic screaming, lamars breathing, swearing, husband slapping, husband fainting and few pushes the baby arrives screaming.

When my waters broke at 2.15pm on the 18 April, Peanut kept us waiting until 12.54pm the following day, but it was so worth all the pain and hanging around. My waters broke on the toilet and it just seemed like a very long wee! There was meconium in the water, which meant Isabella had pooed so when we telephoned the Nurse and she said to come down immediately so they could monitor Peanut. I remember standing in the living room and putting down the phone and telling Paul next time we come home we will be parents. I even told Daisy (our Dog) where we were going! We were just so unbelievably excited and nervous at the same time. So we picked up the bag which had been ready for months and made our way in the car to the hospital.

For the first time ever there was no traffic and by 3 pm we had arrived at the hospital. No nurses came running out to the car to meet us and I wasn’t screaming in pain (yet). We checked in and followed the Midwife to the room where I was rigged to machines to monitor Peanut. Peanut was fine and the Midwife told us there would be a wait as my contractions hadn’t even started yet. Hours passed and my parents arrived with food supplies. How my Father didn’t get a speeding ticket I will never know. They had made it in record time from Market Weighton in Yorkshire to Oxford, just 3 hours! I think they were a little bit disappointed that not a great deal was happening, and they probably would have liked the dramatic Hollywood screams to suitably match their Hollywood stunt driving!

At 8pm, without a contraction in sight I was moved onto the ward in my own private room. That is where reality really sank in, the Midwife was warming the towels on the radiator and for the first time we saw the little hospital cot that Peanut would be in! In just a few hours (or so we thought) Peanut would be here.

We all couldn’t have been anymore wrong. At 9pm I was started on the hormone drip to induce me and to start the contractions. I remember my Dad and Paul laughing and asking constantly if it hurt yet and for a few hours it didn’t. The Midwife gave me a menu (sadly it wasn’t for food!) for aromotherapy oils and my Mum massaged my tummy which was nice and relaxing. The Midwife said I was having contractions, but to start with I didn’t feel any pain.

 I finally began to feel the contractions so I initially opted  for Gas and Air. That was a surreal experience, it was like I was drunk and I got the giggles, although sadly it had the same side effects as alcohol and made me sick. So the Midwife offered me pethidine. By now we were into the early hours of the morning and I had said to Paul to sleep as he would need to conserve his energy for when Peanut arrived. My Dad who had been the Stand Up Comedian throughout the proceedings had also taken a break from entertaining. I was snuggled up on the hospital bed with my Mum and she was affectionately rubbing my head.

A few more hours passed and everyone was asleep. I remember listening to Gregg James On Radio One it was painful, as were my contractions. I was thinking I just want to listen to Chris Moyles and when he starts I will be able to have my Epidural. I got Paul to tell the Midwife to get the anesthetist ready for 6 Am, which was when the pethidine ran out. I think when six o clock came the whole ward decided to go into labour, as the anesthetist came and the Midwife was nowhere to be seen. Unfortunately he couldn’t administer it without the Midwife present. At this point I did ever so slightly turn into Linda Blair from the Omen I was possessed and in extreme pain.

Over the course of the next two hours, I went through this hellish pain without any pain relief at all. The pain was becoming so unbearable that my screaming was upsetting Paul – no one likes to see their loved one in pain. Thankfully my Mum who understood the type of pain I was in was able to talk to me and tried to tell me to breath, really I thought was that the best she could come up with. My Dad to top it off tried to crack a joke by saying, ‘It doesn’t really hurt does it?’, I almost swung for him. Finally after what seemed like an eternity I got the epidural and situation normal was restored.

More hours passed and it became apparent that Peanut would need some help to come out. Shortly before lunch I was wheeled into Theatre. They had given me a general anesethetic in case I would need to have a C-Section. Talk about numb my legs felt like racks of lambs and I couldn’t put them into the stirrups! This tickled Paul.

Laying on the bed with lots of strange people looking down at me and running around me was strange to say the least. Paul on seeing this took my hand and told me that in just a few minutes we would get to see Peanut. I couldn’t believe it. I was so excited and exhausted at the same time. The Doctors turned Peanut and with two pushes she was out. This beautiful little person that had been growing inside of my tummy was now on my tummy it was amazing, Peanut was amazing. Peanut was now Isabella, it was a magical moment and one I will never forget.


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