All the small things…

Ever since Isabella was born Paul and I have been excited about everything to do with her, as most parents are. When she was first born we couldn’t take our eyes of her. The way she coughed, rubbed her face and the noises she made when she was sleeping were simply adorable. When she was three days old I remember she was asleep in the moses basket in the living room and we were watching the telly.Well I say watching we were like zombies really and couldn’t really concentrate on anything, as we were too busy watching her sleep! One advert though caught our attention. It was the Vodafone advert where the Daughter rings her Father and asks him to pick her up, as her car had broken down. Paul turned to me with tears in his eyes and said he would do the same and that he wouldn’t let anything happen to our Baby Girl, and it’s been the same ever since.

The first time she smiled, laughed and rolled over were big, exciting milestones, which we photographed, recorded the date and put in her Photobook of her first six months. We would even make a big deal of the small things that she would do. Now the small things are BIG. What may seem like nothing to an outsider means a massive deal for us. The smallest of things that Isabella does gives my husband and I the greatest of pleasure. She is one determined little lady and it is quite unbelievable the amount of effort that goes into everything that she does. She cannot speak, but her expressions say it all. You can see the determination in eyes when she is trying to roll over for example and the pride in her smile when she succeeds and we praise her for her efforts.

I keep a daily diary to keep note of when Isabella does things, for example around six months ago she managed to sit unaided for about 10 seconds. For that 10 seconds I was so proud and Isabella knew it, as she looked back at me beaming. Sadly she hasn’t done this since but she is still giving it her all every day and still remain proud.

More recently she has turned her attention to her time spent on her tummy. At the start of the year she started to ever so slightly bring her knee up, now she will lift her bum up high in the air as well. It will take a lot more time and a great deal of effort but I know she is so determined to get moving. Her new trick now is to roll over onto her tummy in her cot (which takes some doing as there isn’t a great deal of room to manoeuvre) and really push up on her arms peeking through the cot bars with a cheeky grin looking for me!

Isabella has involuntary arm movements, which strangers in the street mistake for a wave, so very often Isabella has people waving back to her and saying hello! Despite these involuntary movements, Isabella is intent upon doing what she wants to do with her arms. My husband and I were blown away when she first gave a high-five. To be honest at first we weren’t sure if it was a fluke or just another involuntary movement. She did it a second time with such conviction and looked straight at my hand, we knew that she had mastered it. To top it off just the other day she did it with her other hand, I was smiling from ear to ear, as was Isabella.

I could sit here for hours describing in detail the things that Isabella does and how proud that makes us feel, but I won’t. Instead I will say how Isabella has shown my husband and I that determination and perseverance go a long way. We don’t know if she will ever crawl, let alone walk or talk. She may never be able to do things for herself, but we know that she will try to do the best that she can and with our support and help she will reach her potential whatever that may be. Isabella despite all of her difficulties hasn’t given up and neither will we….


5 thoughts on “All the small things…

  1. Two posts of the blog hop that are heartwarming and make me so proud of our little SWANs. Have you seen What a beautiful and clever girl you have. No wonder Paul is so proud x

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