A beautiful flower…

After Isabella’s first appointment with the pediatrician and he had uttered the words, ‘Probable Cerebral Palsy’,  I was obviously upset, as my deepest fears had been confirmed. Strangely though I also felt relief, as I would no longer be alone and in the dark, we would now have a team of professionals working with us to help Isabella. My husband Paul, however was in shock, as he truly believed there was nothing wrong and that she was a bit slow on her reaching her milestones, but she would catch up. Paul and I spoke at length for hours and he said he knew that she was still the same little girl, our ‘normal’ had just shifted. We agreed that we would stay strong for each other and Isabella and that as a family we would deal with whatever came our way.

Like me he was adamant that we needed family and friends to be strong and not cry, as it wouldn’t change anything and Isabella wouldn’t understand. Isabella was still the same little girl that she was the day before, just now there was an explaination, as to why she wasn’t developing as she should be. I thought it would be a good idea to write a poem from Isabella to family and friends so they could understand how we wanted them to deal with the situation. So I set to work and kept a pen and paper by bedside, so I could jot things down as they came to me. Paul and I sat together and made cards with a photo of Izzy on the front and the poem inside. We already had spoken to family and close friends on the phone and hoped the poem would make it easier for them to understand.

I know the news,

Maybe hard to take,

And for a while,

Your heart may ache,


But it’s still me,

I am still the same,

Just now what I do,

Has been given a name,


I don’t need sympathy,

For I am still here,

And I can breathe,

 Laugh, see and hear,


When you see me,

Please don’t cry,

For if you do,

I will wonder why,


I am still the same,

Little girl as before,

Except now my path,

Leads to a different door,


Where this door leads,

We cannot be sure,

But I have my Mummy & Daddy,

Who I  truly adore,


Things will take time,

And patience is a must,

I need people around me,

Who will support and trust,


Please don’t treat me different,

I am person just like you,

I will just need help,

In some things that I do,


The best way to describe me,

Is as a beautiful flower,

Who will eventually bloom,

With great, strong power,


My petals will open.

When they are ready,

 But this will take time,

And will be slow and steady,


We will find out more,

In the next months or so,

And Mummy & Daddy,

Will tell you what they know,


This comes with lots,

Of love from little me,

The one and only,

Isabella G. xx


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