Hello world!

Paul and I couldn’t wait to start a family together, seeing the words ‘Pregnant 2-3 weeks’ was the best news we had ever recieved. Before entering the world our baby was affectionately known as ‘Peanut’. On the 19th April 2010 Peanut finally made her appearance and became Isabella making us the happiest parents in the world. She weighed in at a whopping 9lb 5oz, with the biggest blue eyes you have ever seen. Although perfect to us in everyway, it became apparent after 4 months that not everything was as it should be. Isabella who was now known as Monkey had rolled over but was doing very little else.  We pushed for a referral from the GP and finally got one at six months, but it would be another 5 months before we got to see a Paediatrician. On the 7 March 2011 our deep concerns and doubts were confirmed and we were told that Isabella had probable Cerebral Palsy. Over the last year Isabella has undergone an MRI Scan, Lumbar Puncture, several hopsital visits and various blood tests, all of which have come back negative.  The Doctors are puzzled as Isabella is a mystery to them. At nearly two years of age Isabella is unable to hold objects, sit, crawl, walk or speak and currently remains undiagnosed.  Despite everything Isabella is the happiest little girl that we know and she is extremely determined. She is the apple of our eyes and we treasure every day we spend with her. This blog is about the up and downs, the smiles and tears, the battles and triumphs we as the parents of a undiagnosed disabled child have gone and are going through…


6 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. I ♥ the look of your blog! I found out about yours via the SWAN UK facebook site. I’ve been blogging prior to my son being born and have to say I love it. Its been very therapeutic through our journey with an undiagnosed child as well. I imagine you’ll find the same…. TTSY ~ Julie

    • Thanks Julie,
      just felt I wanted to share the good times and vent about the not so good, so yeah therapeutic is a good way to describe it! and time is flying by and I don’t want to forget things x

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